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Custom Arrangements

We make custom arrangements for many styles of music and for just about any setting. We take the song of your choice and create an arrangement specially tailored for your ensemble or instrumentation! Whether you need to be highly involved in the process or want to be completely hands-off, High Note Music will work together with you to produce the right music for the right occassion.

Original Compositions

Are you looking to commission an original work or set a text to music? Look no further! We compose original works for standard ensembles or for any combination of performers, regardless of difficulty level. Whether you simply need a single melody or a full orchestral score with chorus, canons, and the kitchen sink, let High Note Music create a unique musical work for you.

Accurate Transcriptions

If you want to perform a piece of music, but can't find the sheet music for it, let High Note Music transcribe the music for you. We can take the music heard on a recording and write out the notes so that you or your group can learn it from the sheet music instead of by ear.

Professional Scores

Have a hand-written score that needs updated? High Note Music can turn your tattered and worn sheet music and engrave it to produce high-quality, professional scores. You new and revived sheet music can be delievered digitally or we can print it on professional stock and ship it out to you.

Other Customized Services

High Note Music is really about working together with musicans to find solutions for creative endeavors. We love to collaborate on projects both big and small. If you are looking for professional musical assistance of any kind, please contact us and let us know what you need. We probably have the solution you are looking for!

Kinds of Music

Custom Wedding Music

Wedding Music

Custom arrangements of your favorite song will sound great coming from whatever musicians you have at your wedding.

Jazz Band Arrangements

Jazz Bands

From jazz combos to big bands and vocal jazz, we can create sounds like the standards or the most modern groups today.

Barbershop Arrangements

Barbershop Arrangements

We have written both contestable and show tunes for some of the top-scoring barbershop quartets and choruses from all three prominent organizations.

Custom Marching Band Arrangements

Marching Band

Whether it's a high-octane, full-length competition show or crowd-pleasing stand tunes, we customize our marching band arrangemets to each section's ability level.

Custom Chamber Music

Chamber Music

Your small ensemble will love some unique material. From brass to woodwinds to strings, voice, & percussion, no combination is too daunting.

Custom Solos

Instrumental & Vocal Solos

Take your playing to the next level by commissioning an original work for your recital, recording, contest, or professional performance repertoire.

Large Ensemble Music

Large Ensembles

Wind ensembles, pit orchestras, and full-scored orchestras sound great when featuring new works composed just for them.

Choral Arrangements

Choral Arrangements

Whatever level or make-up, your choral ensemble and audiences will appreciate newly commissioned material custom-tailored to the group or occassion.

Custom Accompaniments


Whether you need just a piano or a large ensemble accompanying you, we create a naturally fitting background to give you the support you need.

Custom Arrangements

Custom Music

We love to collaborate on new and unique projects of all sizes. If you don't find what you are looking for on our site, please contact us to see if we can offer a creative musical solution for your project.

How It Works

Step #1: Let's Talk

Contact us to tell us what you are looking for. We'll be in touch soon to ask a few more questions regarding the details of your project. Then we'll give you a FREE Project Quote, which includes the total cost of the project, the delivery date, and other important things you need to know before making a decision about starting the project. Of course, if you have any questions about the information provided in the quote, we are more than happy to discuss those with you.

Step #2: Get On The Schedule

After you've agreed to the terms outlined in the FREE Project Qoute, you need to secure a spot on our schedule. You can do this by making an Initial Deposit. For nearly all of our projects, the Initial Deposit is $75 can be paid directly from the website. The remainder of the balance is due upon completion of the project, unless other terms were outlined in your original quote. Openings in the schedule are filled first-come, first-serve based on when Initial Deposits are received.

(If you have a fast deadline approaching and need your project sooner than the delivery date we quoted, rush order options are available for an extra fee.)

Step #3: Stay In Touch

Once your Initial Deposit is paid, we will confirm with the delivery dates for your project. Between now and then, we encourage you to stay in touch with us about with any questions or ideas you have about the project. While you are welcome to ask about the status of the project, it is not often that we are able to provide a detailed answer before the actual delivery date. It is quite possible that you will hear from us during this time period if we need more insight from you in order to get your project just right.

Step #4: Preview The Project

When your project is almost finished, we will send a draft of our work for you to preview. While it varies from project to project, typically our preview drafts are nearly-completed projects, so it may appear to you to be finished. But this is your chance to go over everything and let us know if any adjustments need to made.

Step #5: Receive Your Music!

After you have okayed the preview and we have made any final adjustments, we will deliver the final documents to you along with an invoice for the remaining balance owed on the project. The final payment can be made easily online. At this point, you may think we just disappear (and if everything goes well, that's probably true), but we stand behind our work at High Note Music. We know that issues come up once music is passed out, rehearsed, etc. Should anything come up that needs addressed in the future regarding your project, you are always welcome to contact us so we can find a solution. Often times, minor adjustments can be made at no charge to our customers, so don't be afraid to ask.

And if you had a great experience with High Note Music, we would appreciate you spreading the word to your friends and colleagues about the services we offer and the quality work we do. You may also consider sending us a testimonial to include on our website and other publications in order to help our business continue providing creative solutions for musicians world-wide!

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